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English series – Jonah part II

English – Jonah series, part 2:

Mesaj Biblic – Marcu 12:1-12

Sermon series on Jonah pt 1 – English only

English only video –

The book of Jonah is so much more than just a whale of a story for kids in Sunday School. If you’ve never looked at it through adult eyes and seen how much God speaks through it to the body of Christ in today’s world, you’ll be astonished at how much you’ve been missing.

This video is chapter one of the four-part series, and looks at Jonah’s great rebellion as God’s prophet who was unwilling and unworthy, but called.

Mesaj Biblic – Marcu 11 pt. II

Mesaj Biblic – Marcu 11:1-25

Mesaj Biblic – Fapte 12

Studiu pentru bărbați – mâine 18.45

Mesaj Biblic – Marcu 10:46-52

Playlist – Evanghelia dupa Marcu

Playlist of sermon series through the gospel of Mark:

Sermon Video – Marcu 10:32-45