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1 Samuel 18 – mesaj biblic – video 26 sept 2021

A message on 1 Samuel 18, where King Saul and his son Jonathan both come to the realization that David is likely God’s choice for the kingship, and react in polar opposite manners. We learn that what sustains David is something we also possess as followers of Christ, to face our life’s struggles.

Evanghelia – viata vesnica in Cristos

Sermon Video – Marcu 3.31-35

A message on Mark 3:31-35 teaches us about family relationships and about living in the family of God.

Sermon video – Marcu 3:20-30

English only – Elijah’s Rapture 2 Kings 2

Part 6 and the conclusion of a summer 2021 video series of Old Testament passages that picture for us and teach things to us about the rapture and return of Christ looks at the account of Elijah being taken up into heaven and Elisha being left behind.

Sermon video Marcu 3:7-19

In this message from Mark 3, we learn from who the 12 apostles were, and what they were chosen to do in Christ’s plan.

Genesis 24 and the rapture

English only post:

Part 5 in our video series on OT passages & the rapture looks at Genesis 24 and the bride for Isaac, and how she represents the Bride of Christ to be united with Him soon.

Sermon Video – 1 Samuel 17 David si Goliat

Today’s message is on 1 Samuel 17 – Have a listen; the story of David and Goliath might have more to it than you realized in childhood.

1 Samuel 16:14-23 Sermon Video

The 1 Samuel series continues with the 2nd half of chapter 16, in which the anointed king David brings worship psalms to the throne room of God’s rejected king Saul, bringing Saul relief from spiritual torment. Lots to learn from the story.

1 Samuel 16:1-14a

The series through 1 Samuel continues with chapter 16 vs 1-14a, in which David is anointed to be king of Israel.