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Marcu 8, pt II – mesaj Biblic – video

In the second half of Mark chapter 8, Jesus shows us the progression from being introduced to Him, to coming to know who He is, to coming to know Him as eternal Savior, to finally then seeking to follow Him as Lord.

Mesaj Biblic – Marcu 8:1-26

In this message from Mark 8:1-26, Jesus uses words and miracles to grow the disciples’ understanding. He’s just beginning to prepare them for the cross. And we learn how He makes our knowledge and faith grow.

Orice Lauda – Inchinare – musica

1 Samuel 23B-24 – Sermon video

Sermon video 1 Samuel 23

1 Samuel 23. When you have to wait for years to receive what God has promised, follow David’s example here. Also notes on how to hear from Him are among the lessons of today’s passage.

Marcu 7:24-37 – sermon video

In this message from the second half of Mark 7, Jesus demonstrates God’s saving power as Romans 1 puts it: „for the Jew first, and also for the gentile.”

Marcu 7 sermon video

Legalistic rules designed to make us appear righteous on the outside while ignoring real sin issues are useless to deal with the dire problem every man, woman and child has before God. Jesus deals with these things and more in Mark 7, the text of today’s video sermon.

Sermon video Marcu 6:45-52

In walking on water, Jesus showed Who He is, and what He accomplishes for mankind and for us as individuals in times of trouble. The sermon from the end of Mark 6 is here in English and Romanian.

Dragoste si casatorie – Sermon video series

Dragoste si casatorie – 3 sermons

Sermon Video – Botezul

A sermon from March 20, 2022 looking at water baptism, its place in the life of the Christian and the church, and what it teaches us about spirit baptism, leading to spiritual growth and victory for the Christian life. English with Romanian translation.