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Mesajul Biblic – Psalmi 34 pt. II

Marșul Pentru Viață 2023

Marșul pentru viață
25 martie la 15.00
Piața Unirii

Mesaj Biblic – Psalmi 34 pt I

Mesaj Biblic – Psalmi 86

In Psalms 86, we see a beautiful heartfelt prayer that guides us to restoration, deeper faith, and greater intimacy with our Savior. Through that we find a key to personal revival.

Mesaj Biblic Marcu 12:35-44

Mark 12:35-44 includes Jesus’ teaching in the temple about Who the Christ really is, how to spot false teachers to avoid, and the value of giving sacrificially to the Lord.

Marcu 12:28-34

In this message from Mark 12:28-34, the crucifixion week’s examination of the Lamb of God in the temple continues, this time with an honest questioner, who receives a deep and true answer, teaching us about God’s standard of love.

Mesaj Biblic – Marcu 12:18-27

In Mark 12:18-27, the sadducees lead the next attempt challenging the Messiah. Their question is rooted in unbelief in the scriptures and God’s power, so their question is the most senseless—much like skeptics today.

Mesaj Biblic – Marcu 12:13-17

Mesajul Biblic – Judecatori 1-2

Concert de colinde 2022 – Biserica Harul

Concert de colinde 2022

Targul de Craciun

Cluj-Napoca, Romania