Marcu 12:28-34

In this message from Mark 12:28-34, the crucifixion week’s examination of the Lamb of God in the temple continues, this time with an honest questioner, who receives a deep and true answer, teaching us about God’s standard of love.

Mesaj Biblic – Marcu 12:18-27

In Mark 12:18-27, the sadducees lead the next attempt challenging the Messiah. Their question is rooted in unbelief in the scriptures and God’s power, so their question is the most senseless—much like skeptics today.

Mesaj Biblic – Marcu 12:13-17

Mesajul Biblic – Judecatori 1-2

Concert de colinde 2022 – Biserica Harul

Concert de colinde 2022

Targul de Craciun

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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Mesaj Biblic – Daniel 9

Christmas and end times prophecy intersect in the angel Gabriel’s announcement of Christ’s coming in Daniel 9. Today’s message begins a Christmas series on Angelic announcements of Christ.

English sermon – Jonah part 4

In part 4 of the book of Jonah series, we see God use harsh circumstances to realign Jonah’s thoughts about the people his ministry saved. It teaches us how to find the joy of being willing servants of the Lord.

Mesaj Biblic – Psalmi 118

English series – Jonah pt III

God’s desire is to save the nations from their sins, and His work through Jonah in chapter 3 showed that this has always been His longing. His wrath is coming, but He wants to relent and save. We can be a part of that work. Part 3 of 4.