Studiu Biblic pentru Bărbați

Video – Mesaj Biblic – Marcu 9:38-48

Mesaj Biblic – 1 Samuel 31

Our study of 1 Samuel closes with the sad story of Saul’s death, but a message of hope and of God’s faithfulness to the faithless found in his burial.

Mesaj Biblic – 1 Samuel 29-30

Mesaj Biblic – 1 Samuel 28

Mesaj Biblic – 2 Corinteni 5

Video – Mesaj Biblic – Psalmi 33

Mesaj Biblic – video – Marcu 9:30-37

We continue in our sermon series through the gospel of Mark with some verses in chapter nine.

Duminica 3 Iulie – La padure cu Biserica

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Sermon Video Matei 6, Rugaciunea pt 4

Part 4 of our series on the power and necessity of faithful prayer looks deeply at Christ’s instructions on prayer in Matthew 6. The focus of the message is on making prayer real.