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Marcu 6 sermon audio 9 ianuarie 2022

Hallelu et Adonai

Sermon Video – Matei 2

The story of the wise men in Matthew 2 gives us a lot to reflect on as we look at that generation’s reaction to the coming of Christ, and this generation’s preparation for His return. After Christmas sermon video from today at the church in Cluj.

Craciun fericit!

Il sarbatorim pe Cristos in aceasta perioada a Craciunului cu colinde pentru a aduce bucurie oamenilor!
,,Căci un Copil ni S-a născut, un Fiu ni s-a dat şi domnia va fi pe umărul Lui; Îl vor numi: Minunat, Sfetnic, Dumnezeu tare, Părintele veşniciilor, Domn al păcii.” ~Isaia 9:6

Mesaj Evrei 1 – Craciun

Jesus is the point of Christmas, and of so much more. Don’t miss the point! Here is a video Christmas message from Hebrews 1 preached at the church in Cluj this morning.

Crăciun fericit!

Ioan 1:1-14 – Mesajul de craciun

Video of today’s Christmas sermon on John 1:1-14, in English and Romanian.

Biserica Harul Domnului (Grace of the Lord Church) Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Marcu 6:1-6 mesaj

Today’s message from Mark 6:1-6 looks at the importance of faith without doubt to experience all that God has for His people.

1 Samuel 20 – Sermon Video

In our study through 1 Samuel, we reach chapter 20 at a timely moment, since it teaches us about how to relate to one another and build trust in a time when persecution begins to grow and the church loses freedom to worship openly.

Sermon – Marcu 5 pt II

Jesus solves the problems of chronic illness, poverty, and ostracization for one woman, and the problem of death for a young girl in Mark 5:21-43, teaching you and me much along the way. Video sermon from Oct. 24, 2021.