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2 Petru 1, pt. II

Today’s message is part 2 of the first chapter of 2 Peter.

2 Petru 1, pt I

Part one of a 2-part look at 2 Peter 1. We examine what Christ has done for us, and what He wants to do for us after salvation, and how to obtain a great reward when we get to the kingdom of heaven.

Condu-ma la crucea – Inchinare 5 iunie 2022

Sermon video 1 Samuel 25

Even a man after God’s own heart can fail in a devastating way, if lust or uncontrolled anger flare up in a moment. With lust later in life, David didn’t listen to God’s warning. In 1 Samuel 25, with anger earlier in life, he listened. Here’s today’s message on that passage.

Pride month?

Jesus wants you to have love, joy, peace, and satisfaction. Don’t let PRIDE get in your way.

Marcu 8, pt II – mesaj Biblic – video

In the second half of Mark chapter 8, Jesus shows us the progression from being introduced to Him, to coming to know who He is, to coming to know Him as eternal Savior, to finally then seeking to follow Him as Lord.

Mesaj Biblic – Marcu 8:1-26

In this message from Mark 8:1-26, Jesus uses words and miracles to grow the disciples’ understanding. He’s just beginning to prepare them for the cross. And we learn how He makes our knowledge and faith grow.

Orice Lauda – Inchinare – musica

1 Samuel 23B-24 – Sermon video

Sermon video 1 Samuel 23

1 Samuel 23. When you have to wait for years to receive what God has promised, follow David’s example here. Also notes on how to hear from Him are among the lessons of today’s passage.